The execution cache

What's this ?

By default, node caches the server-side javascript files. It means that node only keeps one copy of each of these files, and never reloads them.
This process is done each time you call require() on a javascript file for the first time. NB : It's a synchronous call.

How does Cendre deal with it ?

For performances reasons, the whole server and the configuration file are cached. Therefore, you have to restart Cendre if you make changes to the configuration file.
The same goes for the .nodejs files, and it's the preferred option for a production environment.

Can I disable it ?

Yes, but only for .nodejs files.
Set 'cache' to false in your configuration file, like in the example below :

'exec' : {

	'active'		:	true,
	'cache'			:	false,
	'ext'			:	'nodejs',
	'mimetype'		:	'application/octet-stream'

This is usefull when you're developing, if you don't want to restart Cendre at each change.