Quick launch


- Node.js 0.10.0 or newer.

How to install

$ npm install cendre

Otherwise, uncompress the installation archive.

$ tar xf "Cendre_4.2.0.tar" // or
$ unzip "Cendre_4.2.0.zip"
The default webfolder is located here :


Quick launch

Open the configuration file :


Set the appropriate port. Create a file named "localhost" in '[..]/node_modules/cendre/conf/vhosts' and put the following lines in it :

exports.hostname = 'localhost';
exports.host = require('../base.nodejs')();
exports.host.root = '/var/www';

exports.hostname can be 'localhost', '', any IP address or domain name.
exports.host.root can be any absolute path without the ending slash. It is the root of your web server.

Then launch Cendre by typing one of these two commands :

$ npm start cendre // or
$ node [..]/node_modules/cendre/src/server.nodejs