Why Cendre ?

I needed an alternative to PHP and classic HTTP servers in order to have a single process and portable installation.
I hear talk of Node.js, it seemed cool, but it was only a programing language with APIs.
So I had to write my own HTTP server which can run dynamic pages.

Differences with ASP/PHP...

Server-side code cannot be mixed with the page content. Therefore, you may use a template engine.
You can have full control over HTTP responses, and execute code before, during and after the response is sent.

Can I use Cendre to write websites ?


I wrote some modules to make your job easier. I recommend the use of the include, require and sse modules.
I also wrote a template module, which is very simple. But I'm sure you can write a better one yourself.

Can I use Cendre to write an HTTP API ?


What more can I do with Cendre ?

Anything you want !

You can write a framework on top of it, monitor and manage your server, interact with programs...