Cendre is an HTTP Web Server which comes with a unique configuration file.
You can have as many installations you want, just give them a different port number/net interface association.
Each install can run as many websites you want, with some common configuration options.

Static files
Dynamic pages

The file server

- File system path handling
- Port and net interface binding
- MIME types binding
- Multiple hosts
- File/folder cache policy
- File/folder access restrictions
- File extensions restrictions
- Index files
- Folder listing
- Custom error pages
- URL rewriting
- Custom code execution at startup
- Entirely asynchronous
- Static file server cache
- Custom HTTP headers
- Basic authentication

The dynamic pages

Cendre can handle dynamic pages coded in javascript. They have the .nodejs extension by default.

The included features are :

- GET, POST, COOKIE, SESSION and REST parameters
- UTF-8, UTF-16 or binary body request and response handling
- HTTP error code and MIME type customization
- Full control after request handling
- Modules
- Developer mode
- Server-Sent Events